The Lone Pine Pre-Offer Inspection Program

In today's fast moving market pre-offer inspections are becoming increasingly common. In many cases, buyers find themselves ordering them for multiple properties, often forgoing the benefits of a full inspection to quickly and cost effectively get the information they need to comfortably make a competitive offer. Lone Pine Inspections wants to help and the Deferred Report Option is the solution I offer.

What is a Deferred Report Inspection? 

Traditionally a home inspection is conducted after a home is under contract and includes a full written report that documents conditions of all major components and systems at the time of purchase. The homeowner can use this report as a reference in future years and as a guide to maintaining the property. When inspections are performed prior to making an offer, the buyer lacks certainty that the home will be theirs and often elects to have a simple verbal consultation, a "walk and talk", with an inspector to save costs and time. This helps them to make an informed offer, but leaves them without the report as a reference if the home becomes theirs. 

With a Deferred Report Inspection, this gap is bridged. Prior to purchase we walk through the house together and I verbally report to you as we go, providing you the immediate information you need prior to making an offer. As we do that, I document my findings as I would normally do to create a full report, however I don't begin work on the report until your offer has been accepted and you contact me to order the written report.

Upfront costs for the Deferred Report option are between those of a simple verbal consultation and an inspection with a full written report. An additional fee is due if the report is ordered.  All three services are offered, allowing you to choose the right service for your needs.

Repeat Inspection Discounts 

In a perfect world, having a pre-offer consultation gives you the information you need to make the right offer and helps you win the home. In the real world, things don't always work out and your offer may not be accepted. I am pleased to offer discounts on subsequent inspections performed within six months of your original inspection date for customers that work with Lone Pine Inspections on a pre-offer inspection.