Lone Pine Inspections Home Checkup Program

Keeping in touch with your past clients is a key part of marketing plans for most real estate professionals. Doing so in a way that stands out to the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult. One way to do so is by offering something of real value. Lone Pine Inspections wants to help you with this task.

The Need - Value to your Clients

It is rare that and inspection contains findings that are fundamental defects in the property. Many major issues that arise are things that could have been easily and cheaply prevented if caught early on. Unfortunately, by the time we are calling something out, it has often progressed to the point that a costly repair or replacement is necessary. 

Most homeowners would greatly benefit from a periodic home checkup inspection, a service we are pleased to offer. Here's what they get:

  • Full inspection of the home, including accessible roofs, attics and crawlspaces.
  • No written report, but an captioned photo gallery will be provided to jog their memory
  • A RecallChek report on all the appliances in their home.
  • Evening appointments available so it can be done after work.

The Program - Value for You

Lone Pine Inspections will prepare the message for you. We'll work with you to create content that plugs into the style you typically use for email or print communications with your clients. In it, we'll explain the value of home checkup inspections and offer a discounted service to your clients ($275 vs. our standard $325). You can then take the materials we prepared and send it on to clients you put into homes between three and seven years ago.

Additionally, successful participation in the program qualifies you to offer more value to your current clients. For each home checkup inspection performed for one of your contacts, you can offer a standard inspection to one of your current clients at 10% off the base rate.

Finally, any customer that orders a home checkup will continue to get value you get credit for through RecallChek's newsletter. Their monthly home safety newsletter will include your photo and contact information prominently at the top.