How Does This Work?

When I make a report available on a listed home, the seller has allowed me to perform a standard home inspection on this property shortly before putting it on the market. I do not get compensated by the seller or the listing agent for performing the inspection and I do not share a copy of the report or any of my findings with them. I make copies of my report available for purchase to prospective buyers.

What is the Report like?

I perform a full inspection of the home per the Washington State Standards of Practice for Home Inspections and write up the report as I would for a buyer under contract on a new home. For an sample of one of my reports, check here. Reports are hosted online and all photos can be enlarged to view at full size.

WHAT is the cost?

The cost for access to the report is $125. For that price you get access to the written report as well as the opportunity to call or email me to answer any questions about it. Additionally, if you have ordered a copy of the report and your offer is accepted, you have the option to have me come and perform an in person maintenance consultation at the property for a reduced cost within three months of the date of report purchase. 

how do i order?

The best way is to contact me by email. I then send you an electronic inspection agreement and invoice. After you have signed the agreement and paid the invoice, you will get an email with access to the report.