What is RecallChek?

RecallChek is a service that provides information on safety recalls for household appliances, including furnaces and water heaters.  They will cross reference their database of known product recalls against the products in your home and send you a report.

Product safety recalls are public information, but finding them can be onerous. As an owner of a recalled appliance, you will not necessarily be notified by the manufacturer. And that's the real value of RecallChek. They maintain a database of known recalls and automatically cross reference it the products in your home.

Ongoing Protection

Once your home is in the RecallChek system, you will receive regular updates. If a safety recall is announced for an appliance in your home in the future, you will be notified automatically. Additionally, you can enter the account created for your home and update the appliances listed. So your report will stay relevant, even as you make upgrades or changes over the years. Most importantly, there is is no cost to you for this ongoing protection.

What does it mean if there is a recall?

If there is a recall announced for a home appliance, it means that a fire or safety issue has been identified for that product. As the owner of the product, it means you are entitled to have that problem corrected by the manufacturer, typically at their expense.  

How do I get RecallChek protection for my home?

If you interested in adding RecallCheck protection to your home you can use the button below to purchase RecallChek coverage.