What is a Home Inspection?

Think of a home inspection as a physical for your home. Its a general review of the readily accessible major components and systems that make up a home. In the course of a normal inspection we'll take a look at the roof, the exterior, the foundation, the structure, the heating and cooling systems, the plumbing and electrical systems, the thermal enclosure of the home, and interior. Sometimes access to some systems will be limited by conditions that exist on the property, but the goal is to provide a general assessment of the overall health through the lens of these systems. Occasionally we'll notice signs of issues that cannot be fully explored and diagnosed in the course of our investigation. In these cases, much like your primary care doctor referring you to a specialist, we'll help you identify the right expert to provide further information. 

When should I have a Home Inspection?

There are several times when it is appropriate to hire a Home Inspector to evaluate your property. These include: 

  • Before a Transaction: Most people associate home inspections with the process of buying a home. And with good cause. An inspection at this time provides information that helps you make an informed decision about the purchase.
  • Before a Renovation or Remodel: While not as common as inspections before purchase, having a home inspection done before making a major investment in your property is a good idea. It can help you evaluate what scale of investment makes sense by providing an assessment of the health of other systems in the home. It can also arm you with the information you need to have meaningful conversations when interviewing potential  contractors.
  • On a Regular Interval: While homes (hopefully) sit in one place, they are not static. Over time materials and conditions change with age and use. While many homeowners are aware of some of the changes going on with their property, often there are areas that are out of sight and out of mind. Having the condition of your property evaluated by a professional inspector is a great way to protect your investment as well as a good way to learn about new developments in building science and home safety standards. We recommend having your property inspected on a four year interval.