Home Maintenance Calendar

In the course of inspecting a home, many of the issues encountered can be traced to a lack of preventative maintenance and upkeep. The cost of performing the maintenance tasks, in both dollars and time, is often small. The cost of repairing the problems caused by lack of maintenance can rise rapidly.

At Lone Pine Inspections we want to see everyone succeed as a homeowner. To help out, we have built a digital home maintenance calendar that you can use to help stay on top of things.

This calendar is built for a generic home in our Northwest maritime climate. Some items may not apply to your case. Likewise, your home may require maintenance above and beyond what is included here. To get the most out of it we recommend you import the data into whatever calendar system you prefer, using the links below. You can then customize the items and reminders to fit your needs. Of course, you can simply view the calendar 'as is' on the web, as well. 

For applications using XML: Link.

For applications accepting iCal calendar files: Link.

To view in your browser: Link